National Prep was founded on the basis to provide students with a great high school education. It is our goal to teach students to be life-long learners and give them the ability to succeed in college and become productive young adults within their communities. National Collegiate Prep serves all DC residents.

It is our goal to provide a well-rounded educational experience for our students to include a rigorous college prep curriculum to prepare our students for college and give them an international experience including opportunities to travel abroad and learn about other cultures and customs while attending National Collegiate Prep.

At National Prep we believe:

  • Every student can achieve and meet high academic standards regardless of their learning ability, style or socio-economic status
  • Parental and community involvement is an essential ingredient for student achievement
  • Small schools promote improved student outcomes
  • Instructional methods must support the varied learning styles of students

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Sankofa Speaks Fall 2016 

Sad News: Zoruan Harris, an amazing National Prep Graduate, was senselessly killed.  Learn more about this hard working college-bound student and the child care fund which has been established for his baby boy; please click here.

Web Series: Beyond The Classroom 

This series focuses on our students' personal life stories, and their life at National Prep.


Mr. Douglas Affeldt
"This is my fourth year as a classroom teacher at NCP. I started as a Spanish 2 teacher and SAT Prep math teacher in 2013. In 2015, I became the department chair for the World Language Department and an IB Spanish teacher. I currently teach IB Spanish, French 1, Spanish 3 and SAT Prep Math. I feel that I am a calm and consistent person. My students always know what is expected and how to achieve success in my class. I use a variety of teaching methods that address the various learning styles of my students. The students have impacted my life in a positive manner. They have helped me to see things from a different perspective."

Alumni James Tyler
"I attend Virginia State University with a major in Mechanical Engineering. I want to be a mechanical engineer for a great company planning to make six figures right out of college, to provide for my family and get us in a better place! I am a redshirt freshman playing football here as well. My favorite National Prep moment was when all the seniors had a competition on who will have the best prom proposal. It was just a week of excitement and anticipation. You all know who won that!!! National Prep has contributed to my success because entering my freshman year there I had a lot of growing up to do. As the four years went by I started to mature and sculpt into a role model for the rest of my classmates. I learned how to communicate, become a leader, and stay dedicated to whatever I put my mind to. The staff there kept me on track and always wanted to see me reach for the stars. Ms. Ross and Dr. Brown always made sure I was good; they are great leaders who paved a way for students to get a great education with a strong support system!"

Student Keimere McClary
"I chose NCP because I knew that by attending this school I would be college bound. I love NCP first for sports, and second for their education. I knew these two things could take me a long way, so NCP was an easy choice for me. My favorite subject is reading because everywhere you go, you have to read something. Reading is one of the most useful subjects in life other than math. After graduating it's nothing but bigger and better it's no steps backwards, I plan on becoming an engineer which will take hard work and focus."
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