Academic & Student Affairs

Student Affairs
National Collegiate Prep’s Student Affairs department offers many activities and opportunities for our student body. Students have an opportunity to play team sports including men and women’s basketball, cheer leading and step team.

The National Collegiate Prep Department of Student Affairs also offers support to students in need including counseling and academic support.

Look here for more announcements and activities for student life.

Community Service at National Collegiate Prep
National Collegiate Prep students are required to complete 120 community service hours before graduation. Community service opportunities are announced regularly and are available through the student affairs department.

Summer Opportunities
The Student Affairs Department will be hosting a fair to give students and parents and opportunity to research summer activities and programs for students in which to participate. Summer activities offer experiential learning and increase skills and abilities in preparation for college.

Class of 2017 Update:  members of the Class of 2017 have, so far, received acceptance offers from 62 different colleges & universities and have earned more than $3.2 million in merit based scholarships!  Outstanding job Class of 2017!

Sad News: Zoruan Harris, an amazing National Prep Graduate, was senselessly killed.  Learn more about this hard working college-bound student and the child care fund which has been established for his baby boy; please click here.

Web Series: Beyond The Classroom 

This series focuses on our students' personal life stories, and their life at National Prep.