Our Shield & Credo

Our Shield

The National Prep shield is styled in azure blue and gold to represent hope and our commitment of loyalty to our students, their families and the community at-large. The chevron represents moving forward in our plight to provide a rigorous college prep education for our students. Our Sankofa represents our faculty, staff, partners and community bringing all of the good from the past and passing it forward to the next generation.

Our Credo

In Latin, our credo represents three key elements to which we want our students to aspire in reaching their goals for education and life. They are:
Veneratio for Honor
Philologus for Scholarship
Gubernatio for Leadership

Class of 2017 Update:  members of the Class of 2017 have, so far, received acceptance offers from 62 different colleges & universities and have earned more than $3.2 million in merit based scholarships!  Outstanding job Class of 2017!

Sad News: Zoruan Harris, an amazing National Prep Graduate, was senselessly killed.  Learn more about this hard working college-bound student and the child care fund which has been established for his baby boy; please click here.

Web Series: Beyond The Classroom 

This series focuses on our students' personal life stories, and their life at National Prep.